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Sips & Bites cares about your cup of coffee!

Coffee is an agricultural product and, like a wine grape, inherits distinctive characteristics depending upon its botanical species, geographic origin, altitude, growing conditions, cultivation and processing.

We use Redchurch blend - a medium roast comprising Brasil Santa Alina, Colombia Pescador, Guatemala Huehuetenango and Sumatra Mandheling. The Brasil is a natural, bringing sweetness and syrupy body. The semi washed Sumatra provides spice and cocoa, whilst higher grown Guatemala and Colombia origins add fresh clean acidity. Colombia and Brasil give the blend its characteristic sugar cane and caramel sweetness. The result is a balanced and smooth espresso that combines well with milk.


Our Staff

At Sips&Bites, the baristas are well trained to deliver the perfect cup of coffee for our customers


Espresso Machines

Since 1927 La Marzocco of Florence, Italy have been handcrafting espresso machines, acclaimed internationally for their leading quality, reliability and superior engineering.  La Marzocco is the
outstanding machine that has the ability to perform and consistently produce cup after cup of excellent espresso.  Knowing this is essential for any business passionate about serving the best tasting coff

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